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Gümüşsuyu Cd. Dalgıç İş Hanı No:3/2 Davutpaşa / Zeytinburnu / İstanbul Bereketzade Mahallesi Okçumusa Cd. Yücel İş Merkezi No:13 Karaköy / Beyoğlu / İstanbul Kümbethatun Osb mahallesi 3. Cadde D:3 Merzifon / Amasya
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We work hard to add value to your spaces with our luxury designs… Just imagine it, we make your dreams come true ...

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Ray spot, sıva altı, sıva üstü, linear ve özel tasarımlar ile mekan dekorasyonlarınıza farklı dokunuşlar kattık.

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Scatter your light in all directions with Masialux ray spots… Freedom is in your hands…

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Linear Aydınlatmarımızla Ofislerinize Keyif ve Şıklık Katın...

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Well planned luminaire lighting design, in educational institutions, efficiency in offices, recovery times in hospitals etc. It is a proven fact that it has positive effects in many living areas. With our increasing production network under the name of Masialux brand, we continue to fulfill the basic duties of luminaire lighting design as well as design and manufacture lighting solutions that will leave a mark.



We have made the understanding of quality and esthetic in production into service policy. We blended the universality of art with technology and managed to sign unique lighting fixture designs.

Accurate and professional lighting products in living spaces are very important for strengthening personal development and sharing the right perceptions as well as mental and eye health. Experts support the issue that colors and tone of lights also light angles are very important in lighting design in living spaces.

Intimate environments, warm conversations, light sources that are easy on the eyes, cafes and restaurants, which are the meeting place of friendly councils, are indispensable.,With our expert team and designers, we work to serve you by taking into account every detail such as using the light sources correctly and providing low electricity consumption in our products.

It is also accepted by scientists that the times we spend in the fields of work in our daily lives affect our mental health and motivation. As Masialux, we are at your side with professional solutions in office luminaire lighting products.

Tough environments and continuous work areas require both durable materials and durable solutions. Masialux electric LED products made of the highest quality materials can withstand extreme vibrations, as they do not flash and flicker like ordinary glass bulbs, they maintain the continuity balance in the working environment and provide long use.

It is our job to make your green landscapes where you spend the most peaceful minutes of your life as magical at night too, With Masialux outdoor landscape lighting products, your garden pleasure will be longer, balanced and with low electricity consumption.

Masialux special collection products not only transform your living spaces into masterpieces, but also make you feel special and valuable, with masialux, eyes are always on you!



Sunlight is our most important source of life; However, people who have to work early in the morning and work until late hours in covered environments, especially in most of the year, have to complete the day without sunlighting.From the discovery of the light bulb and the armature electric lighting projects into the human life until the beginning of this century; The negative effects of artificial armature naming on human health were unknown. After the negative effects of uniform lighting on human health have been understood with the studies, human-focused lighting studies have started in recent years and lighting has been adapted to the specific needs of the users in order to obtain maximum lighting quality as well. Changing the color and intensity of white light according to the user's lighting needs is called Human Centric Lighting (HCL). As Masialux lighting, we produce human-oriented lighting solutions while designing and applying our lighting fixtures and we continue to be your reliable solution partner for future lighting technologies.


In today's technologies, luminaire lighting applications have developed and reached a point that can be integrated with architectural designs. Many technological luminaire lighting solutions such as decorative spots that can be embedded in the wall, outdoor lighting fixtures that are not affected by weather conditions, LED lighting technology that is both economical and long-lasting, and special light profiles are offered to architects. Thanks to the lighting arrangements, the desired perception richness can be created within the space by establishing relations between color and light, ceiling, wall, floor and vertical elements. As Masialux; In addition to the importance we attach to the technical dimension of luminaire lighting applications, we care about whether it is integrated with technology with its esthetic dimension, and we bring the term 'Right Lighting' to real life, both esthetically and technically.


High-tech artificial intelligence lighting systems, high energy savings are achieved in buildings with high energy consumption such as smart building, hospital, school, airport and data center. Intelligent sensors on each luminaire can detect movement in the environment in real time. Thanks to the luminaires that share the information about which direction the movement will continue with Bluetooth, lighting systems are realized only at the right time and at the right level when needed. Thus, up to 35% energy savings is achieved compared to conventional systems. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the problem of determining the outcome of the lighting scenario is eliminated. This scenario, which is managed by modern lighting products according to the data created and evaluated, is created in a smart way, thus saving time and user satisfaction for installation.


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